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A Good Year?

It's natural to reflect at this time of year... Our human tendency to transform the twists and turns of our lives into a narrative frequently leads to a festive summing up of the last twelve months, selecting the low points and highlights, celebrating our achievements and pondering how we might have done better.

We assess ourselves; a mini appraisal on our lives, determined by our perspective on both the world and our self-esteem.

Reflecting in this way is a helpful indicator of what's important to us. For instance, when I condense the events in my life during 2023, they look like this:

  • Breast cancer

  • Significant relationship break up

  • Very fulfilling family time

  • Realising (for the first time in my life!) that I was really happy without a partner

  • Gaining charity status for Soberistas

  • Finding a gym that I love and have been going to regularly

What does this tell me about what's important to me? Well, when I look at this list, I see Health, Family, Soberistas, Personal Development. And yes, these things pretty much sum up my life and where I'm at currently, aged 48.

If you spend a few minutes doing this exercise, it can become a helpful indicator of what you should focus on in the future in order to feel happy, content and satisfied in life. Look at your prominent life events of the last twelve months as a framework for your next steps... let these values take you forwards in your life, to eliminate uncertainties and self-doubt.

My list above is made up of some events that I orchestrated myself (for instance, applying for charity status for Soberistas and signing up with my gym) and others that happened to me (relationship breakdown and breast cancer). Regardless, it's the fact that these things stand out in my mind as being the most significant events of 2023 that mean I now perceive them as being so integral to my priorities and goals for 2024.

In the coming year, I'll use these values to navigate any decisions and challenges I may face, to push myself in moments of struggle and worry, and to help reassure myself that I am living in alignment with what I believe - even when I'm not at my best.

There's a good deal of comfort to be derived from this process - I hope it helps you live a life that is more attuned to your core values in 2024.

Happy Christmas 🎄 ~ Lucy xxx 😘

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