My Story


In 2011 I stopped drinking. It was the best decision I ever made and life has continued to improve year on year ever since. 

The cornerstones of my sobriety have been exercise, mindfulness, personal development, my dogs, connection with other people who 'get it' and get me, being in nature, and learning to look after myself. 

I went from a sad and self-destructive person who pin-balled from one bad situation to the next, to a confident, happy, healthy and joyful woman who loves life and lives it to the full.

In my role as a life coach, I help people just like you to do the same. 

In addition to life coaching, I am the founder and director of, the social network website home to over 65,000 sober warriors, and published author of five books on quitting drinking, including the best-selling The Sober Revolution. 

I am a certified life coach and NLP practitioner, and believe in life being a journey of self-discovery and continual self-improvement. I have worked with hundreds of private clients, helping them to establish new behaviours, challenge limiting mindsets and discover the very best version of themselves. I have appeared on ITV’s This Morning, BBC News, Sky News and the Tonight Show, as well as being featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Australian Vogue, Canadian Elle, Red Magazine, and Essentials Magazine, amongst other publications. 

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