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About Me


I am a passionate believer in change. I've faced numerous significant challenges in my lifetime and emerged from all of them a stronger, more resilient and happier person. 

When I look back on my younger self I can hardly believe that we are one and the same. 


Some of the biggest challenges I have been through and conquered over the years include an eating disorder, alcohol use disorder, domestic violence and most recently, breast cancer. 

My training as a professional life coach, specialising in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and acceptance and commitment theory (ACT), combine with the above real life experiences to provide me with an acute insight into the issues many of my clients face and also the tools to help them create happier, healthier lives.  

In my coaching sessions, I work closely with clients to help them uncover their authentic self - the self that is so often buried under limiting beliefs, unhelpful and restrictive narratives and low self-esteem. I teach clients the same fearless and powerful self-belief mindset that has helped me transform from sad, self-destructive and trapped, to an empowered, purposeful, boundary-setting and positive woman who embraces life. 

I've spent thousands of hours over the last five years working with hundreds of people. I am a published author five times over, I speak regularly at medical and wellness conferences, and have featured numerous times on TV, radio and podcasts. 

I believe passionately in change; in life coaching; in people. 

I know my methods work because I AM that change. 

Lucy xx 😘 

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