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Transformative Coaching is for you if you're seeking deep, sustainable change in how you think, behave and perceive yourself and the world around you. I conduct Transformative Coaching via Zoom and have clients in all corners of the world. 

I specialise in the following areas:


Sober Coaching

Life Coaching 

Relationship With Food/Body Acceptance Coaching

Divorce Coaching 

Self-Esteem Coaching

Anxiety Management Coaching

Menopause Wellness Coaching 

I work with clients in 3 ways:

The Full Transformation Programme

Six months of weekly Zoom calls, WhatsApp support around the clock, email support and a personalised plan for enacting change and growth. 

Price £2.5K 

The Streamlined Transformation Programme

Five hours of in-depth coaching via Zoom (frequency is flexible but most popular is once a week) to create sustainable changes for a happier, more fulfilling life. Includes email follow up and homework plus email contact whenever you need it.

Price £550

The Rapid Transformation Programme

Two hours of intense work via Zoom, getting to the heart of the problem quickly and creating practical, achievable solutions together. With email follow up. 

Price £300


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Still not sure if my Transformation Programmes are for you? I offer a free 30 min consultation, get in touch today.

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