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Created and delivered by Lucy Rocca, founder of 

Lovely long days, balmy evenings, relaxing holidays…
isn’t summer lovely? 


Well yes, it is, except for the inevitable alcohol cravings that start coming thick and fast as soon as we step out of spring and into the warmer months of the year. Summer can feel like one big weekend when it comes to alcohol cravings. There are vacations to navigate, BBQs, pub gardens, festivals, days out, days off work…. the occasions when we might start to feel tempted to drink again can feel superabundant and, to make matters worse, the support we usually rely on to stay sober can be a bit thin on the ground, as people are generally MIA on their holidays. 


Many of us feel compelled to drink alcohol in social situations. Lots of people drink in order to fit in, and others because they believe it enhances their lives. We also drink because we think it helps us cope with problems and stress. In the summer, the number of situations that give rise to these kinds of pressures and triggers rise dramatically. 


But don’t worry! You do not have to struggle to make it through the summer alone. You don’t need to cross your fingers and hope that you can hang on to your hard-won sobriety all by yourself. Or, if you are still drinking and want to avoid this escalating over the next few months due to increased socialising, please don’t panic. Help is at hand. 


The Sober Summer Club is your life raft in the sea of summer booziness. Members meet via Zoom every couple of weeks for a check in, accountability and mutual support. You will receive bi-weekly emails with top tips, motivation and advice for how to get through the numerous hurdles that are peculiar to summer sobriety. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive e-Book at the start of the programme designed to help you create your own alcohol-free plan during the next few months. 


The Sober Summer Club kicks off on Monday July 1st. To get on board, just click below to register. You’ll receive your e-Book, Zoom invites and all the other details when you sign up. 

To make sure this is a summer that you are proud of, join me for the Sober Summer Club, and let’s make 2024 an amazing, energised, and positively sober summer! 


See you very soon,

Lucy xx  

*Book by June 20th and get 20% off - Discount Code = SUMMER 2024

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