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Are you stuck in a never-ending loop?

Promising yourself that you won’t drink alcohol and then reaching for the wine again as soon as evening comes around? Are you experiencing increasing levels of shame as a result of your drinking habits? Have you tried a million different things to moderate your consumption or stop altogether, only to find yourself back at square one? 

If so, you are not alone. 

When I quit drinking in 2011, I was terrified of life without alcohol. I couldn’t imagine how I would ever have fun again, and the years stretched out before me like a blank landscape of nothingness. 

What I discovered, however, is that underneath all the drinking, I was very different to my boozy self. Life began to get easier and MORE fun, the longer I went without drinking. My relationships improved massively, alongside my self-esteem, confidence, career, finances, and overall levels of happiness. 

I have been a full time Sober Coach since 2018, in addition to running the website from its inception in 2012 (now home to over 70,000 sober warriors). I have worked with 1000s of people, helping them too find freedom from alcohol and rediscover their true, amazing selves. 

I can help YOU stop drinking and stay sober for good, using proven processes that really work. My 5 Week Sober Coaching Programme is designed to transport you from a place of uncertainty and fear, to one of confidence and sober joy. By identifying the reasons why you drink, working out both what motivates and holds you back, building self-belief and self-compassion, and outlining the techniques you can utilise for easy and sustainable sobriety, we will work together to create a happier, healthier YOU in just five weeks. 



Included in the 5 Week Sober Coaching Programme is a weekly Zoom call (an hour in length with me) and detailed notes with homework sent after each call, to help cement what we learn in the sessions. 

Stopping drinking is not about hitting yourself with a life sentence of white knuckling, boredom and gritted teeth. It’s about becoming YOU again, living freely and with true joy and gratitude for the things that matter, and letting go of all the shame, regret and negativity that have been holding you back for as long as alcohol has been a presence in your life. 


Contact me now and book your 5 Week Sober Coaching Programme. 


Start living again - today. 

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