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The Forest

People often find it hard to love themselves, to think back far enough to see through all their mistakes and sadness, to a place where they felt true self-compassion.

If this sounds like you, spend a few minutes meditating on the following imagery and use it to connect with your inner child...

Think back to an age where you can regard yourself fully with love, acceptance and no judgment. You were perhaps aged 6 or 7. Maybe younger, maybe older. Now imagine that this version of you is a single tree growing in a large expanse of open space. As your life unfolded, other trees began to grow up all around the little tree, and slowly filled the large expanse of space until there was a huge, dense forest. This forest completely obscured the little tree from view.

That little tree, or the younger version of you, is your heart - this is your inner child and a part of you that is still there, despite all the forest that now exists. The forest represents your stories, and inner dialogues, limiting beliefs, shame, fears and insecurities, as well as all the happier moments of your life, the personal development, the knowledge you have acquired, the people you have known and loved.

But the single tree in the middle is the core you and is still there, albeit difficult to reach/see sometimes because of the forest that grew up all around. Make a commitment to regularly check in with your inner child, say hello, acknowledge its existence, and feel love and compassion for this vital part of you.

In this way, we can begin to practice self-compassion towards ourselves, the person we have grown into. You can practice this meditation whenever you are feeling low in self-worth and struggling to combat feelings of shame.

I hope you find it comforting. Lucy xx 😘

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