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Some People

Some people can drink alcohol moderately and manage to maintain a happy, balanced life.

Some people cannot.

Alcohol can make you feel happy, sexy, confident and full of joie de vivre.

Alcohol can make you feel desperately unhappy, full of self-hatred, anxious and sick.

Drinking is a social event, a ‘thing’ that seems to be all around us.

Being alcohol-free can make you feel somewhat left out.

Nobody can make you stop drinking, so if you choose, you can continue to drink until you die.

Nobody can make you continue to drink, so if you choose, you never have to drink alcohol again.

Some people can take or leave alcohol.

Some people can’t seem to stop drinking once they begin.

Some people want to reach self-fulfilment.

Some people are happy to drift along as they are.

Alcohol is marketed in a way which can make it appear to be sophisticated and cool.

Alcohol is the root cause of thousands of deaths every year.

Alcohol can negatively skew your vision of your world.

You possess the ability to choose what works best for you in your life.

You are the master of your own destiny.

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