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I'm in bed writing this, from Alcudia, Mallorca. This is a rescheduled holiday, cancelled last year due to Covid issues.

I have been coming to Mallorca for years and love it! We have so many happy memories here from holidays stretching back to when my oldest was little (she is now a mum and I'm a grandma!), and there is a familiarity and comfort about being here.

This, however, is the first time I have been here in such bizarre, inclement weather. It is freezing; howling winds and rain, and a bitter, Arctic biting air that takes your breath away, especially on the beach. For me, on a supposed beach holiday, this unwelcome climate pushes me to a place of disappointment and almost misery, a sense of lost opportunities and wasted money. But I have been using all the tools in the box to create and hang onto positivity and stay looking on the bright side - after all, what's to be gained from moaning and feeling sad about the grey skies?

First off, I'm using the "No News" rule. I am not looking at the news while on holiday. The sadness and despair of the world right now (and, let's face it, anytime really) is a surefire way to drag my mood down so I am avoiding it completely.

Second, I'm meditating every morning before my daughter gets up, and specifically listening to upbeat guided meditations that invoke positivity and a fresh perspective.

Third, I brought my journal along with me, and am writing in it daily to help me externalise my feelings and raise my self-awareness. Mostly, when we slump into a low mood, it stems from attaching to 'stories' - internal narratives that are related to events from the past, fears, insecurities, unhelpful beliefs that generally aren't true - and definitely are not helpful. Journaling and meditation both snap us back into the here and now, away from the clutches of those sad stories of days gone by.

Activities are next on my list. We can't sit on the beach or go to the pool, not unless we want hyperthermia or pneumonia! So instead, we have created a list of activities to keep us a busy, including visiting a nature reserve, a trip to Palma, use of the spa here at our hotel, and the old favourite - games and films. If in doubt, a good board game works wonders on a rainy day!

In the end, it all comes down to state of mind. Moaning and groaning is not going to change the weather. Being upbeat isn't going to change it either, but it is certainly going to ensure we have a better time, provide us with the chance to make a few happy memories, laugh and share an experience together in a positive way. We will look back, I'm sure, when my daughter is older, and remember the week we spent in Mallorca when it threw it down with rain and was so unbelievably cold that we found ourselves running (whenever we dared venture outside) to get back inside the hotel, where we had a beautifully heated room and big, cosy beds.

I hope you are having a lovely Easter break, wherever you are, and whatever the weather!

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