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Are you stuck in a rut? Lacking in direction?

Are you consistently falling short of what you know you are capable of? Are you desperately seeking a real sense of purpose, or faced with a difficult decision and unable to work out which way to turn? 

I’m a qualified and experienced Life Coach with a proven track record of helping with all of the above. I can also work with you to increase your self-esteem, reduce anxiety and establish and maintain healthy boundaries in challenging relationships. 

In addition to my role as a Life Coach, I am a qualified NeuroLinguistic Practitioner. NLP is a communication and personal development approach, focusing on helping people better organise or reframe their thoughts, feelings and language. NLP can be highly effective, especially for issues such as depression, anxiety and stress. Much of the work I carry out with clients also utilises Acceptance and Commitment Theory, a life-changing approach to how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, and one which has been massively beneficial to hundreds of clients I’ve worked with, as well as for me personally. 



The Life Coaching I offer can be accessed for a set number of weeks, or alternatively as an ongoing support mechanism to help you work through more longstanding issues. I am very flexible in terms of appointment times and see clients from all over the world. If you have any questions at all, please just contact me using the form below. 


Don’t settle for a life that’s anything less than the best one YOU can live - let’s work together to get you to the place you know you deserve to be. 

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