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Are you stuck in a rut? Drinking too much? Keep returning to the same old habits? 

If you're seeking increased confidence, self-awareness, joy, and connection with your TRUE self, I can help. With a combination of practical support, empathy (I've been there and done it, believe me!) and plenty of strategies to help you set the wheels of change in motion, I can give you the spark for the new life you've been looking for. 

Get in touch and book a free half hour consultation (with no obligation) to find out more. 

Here's what a couple of clients had to say about my coaching...

"I have worked with Lucy on a one to one basis for the past 6 months. I have found her professional, positive and non-judgemental. She offers coaching not counselling, looking at a range of addictions including alcohol, cannabis and dietary issues. She offers a structured approach followed up with an email after each session with notes, homework and a wide range of useful links. In short, Lucy gets it. My sessions have been individually tailored. She is empathetic and clearly wants people to do well and I always feel good at the end of each session.

She has great experience and expertise in working with people with addictions and I would unhesitatingly recommend her coaching. It is well worth the money invested."

"How can I say thank you? Two words that can't begin to convey the magnitude of your support, coaching, guidance and what I felt was friendship from a kindred AF spirit."


My Story, by Lucy Rocca

Life Coach, Sober Coach, Good Listener

In 2011 I stopped drinking. It was the best decision I ever made and life has continued to improve year on year ever since. 

The cornerstones of my sobriety have been exercise, mindfulness, personal development, my dogs, connection with other people who 'get it' and get me, being in nature, and learning to look after myself. 

I went from a sad and self-destructive person who pin-balled from one bad situation to the next, to a confident, happy, healthy and joyful woman who loves life and lives it to the full.

In my role as a life coach, I help people just like you to do the same. 

In addition to life coaching, I am the founder and director of, the social network website home to almost 65,000 sober warriors, and I also run the The Rest Is History, my online store selling clothing & jewellery designed especially for people who love their alcohol-free lives. 


Are You Ready To Break Free From Negative & Destructive Habits?

Don't settle for a mediocre or miserable existence - learn tools of empowerment and mind management with me and turn your life around.

Lucy Rocca Life Coaching - What's Involved?

Choose between online sober or life coaching via Skype or FaceTime, or come along to real life workshop events hosted by me (see Events, listed below), where you can connect with other likeminded people and get tools & strategies first hand to help you transform your life. 

Is Lucy Rocca Life Coaching Right For You?

I'm a professional life coach specialising in helping people rediscover a sense of self-worth, create and maintain a calmer headspace, and reach specific goals such as quitting drinking. My own life experiences are combined with professional training to bring you a coaching service that is empathetic, supportive, friendly and real.

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Coaching Services Menu

1. Set of five 1-hour coaching sessions via Skype or FaceTime, including supportive emails and homework - £240 (Most Popular)

2.Set of five 1-hour coaching sessions via Skype or FaceTime, including supportive emails, homework and a full year's membership to - £265 (Usual price of annual Soberistas membership £39 so a saving of £14)

3. Set of three 1-hour coaching sessions via Skype or FaceTime including supportive emails and homework - £150 

4. Accountability package - Set of seven 15-minute catch-up sessions to help you stay accountable during your first sober days. You choose the frequency & keep on top of your alcohol-free goals - £100

5.Real life coaching workshops and events - see below to find out when & where the next workshops are taking place.


Workshops & Events

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic there are currently no real life workshops scheduled. We hope to reinstate these again before too long! 


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