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Are you ready to embrace the new you?


Hi, I'm Lucy, founder of, published author of multiple quit lit titles, and certified life coach, NLP practitioner, sober coach and food addiction recovery coach.

I blend professional knowledge with all I have learned from over a decade of sober living, beating my own demons with food and alcohol issues, and helping thousands of people achieve happier and healthier lives. 

At the core of my coaching practice sits the A* Behaviour Change Plan - this proven system of eradicating unhealthy and destructive habits is the key to my clients (and myself!) reaching their goals and making lasting, positive changes in how they live.


At Lucy Rocca Life Coaching, I specialise in three areas of coaching:


Life Coaching NLP

Sober Coaching

Food Addiction Recovery Coaching

Book your free consultation today and begin your journey to becoming the best version of you possible. 



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“My five sessions with you have made such a difference, thank you so much. I have discovered tools and strategies, and thought about aspects of my life, past and future, which I wouldn't have done without your coaching. I am confident I will 'stay stopped', which was my number one goal and I have gained many other benefits too.”

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Meet Lucy

After years of engaging in self-destructive behaviour, I began to make incremental but significant changes to the way I lived. Over the course of the last 10 years, I’ve completely turned my life around. If you’re seeking guidance and support in doing the same, I can help.



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