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Lucy Rocca Life Coaching Welcomes You

"I have been having one-to-one coaching with Lucy, predominantly to help with weight loss and cutting out alcohol. 
I found the practical, structured approach really useful and have strategies and support that are helping me turn my life around." Lisa, West Midlands

"To find someone who I could be totally honest with, and someone who has been through this, was such a stroke of luck... all I know is that Lucy has helped me redirect my thoughts and begin to reset my brain, having a positive effect on my self as well as inadvertently my family." Lucy, Rhode Island

“The coaching sessions with Lucy were so helpful and really enjoyable. She really helped me focus on what I want from my life. I now have a clear path to follow and am really looking forward to the journey.  Not only did the sessions help me find my direction but also provided practical suggestions to make it happen.” Claire, Peak District

"I decided to approach Lucy for some help with kicking the booze - it was legging me up in so many ways and she helped me realise it was at the centre of sabotaging everything I wanted to achieve. A great theoretician, I'd done lots of research already, but needed someone to actually care that I gave up drinking, and have the guts to say that it was important. Right from the start, I found Lucy a very good listener and hugely empathic; she was unshockable (no doubt heard it all before!), and it was good to hear she's also 'been there'. I'm now free of the stuff and in all honesty I have found it straightforward so far - moderation attempts were so much harder. 

With Lucy's support, I realised earlier attempts were half-hearted; I always subconsciously knew I hadn't quit forever. I now know I'm done with alcohol, and that feels amazing. I've already experienced some tough challenges, and the urge to grab a bottle is intense ... then I remind myself I don't do that anymore, and it was just a habit. It passes. Ten minutes max. And that's do-able. Soon my new habits will be embedded in amongst the old grey cells, and those urges won't even come. 

Thank you, Lucy, for helping me to set myself free, and for the laughs along the way too!" Jacqui, Midlands 


My Story, by Lucy Rocca

Trusted Coaching Professional

I quit drinking alcohol in 2011 and set about rebuilding my self-esteem, my confidence and my life. I created the website soberistas.com in 2012 and became a published author the following year, writing 5 books since then, all on quitting alcohol and enjoying the sober lifestyle.

In 2018, I qualified as a life coach, and launched Lucy Rocca Life Coaching, a Skype-based practice that helps people escape destructive habits, enabling them to enjoy a life of freedom and self-fulfilment.

If you're looking to get unstuck and work towards positive life goals in an empathetic and supportive coaching partnership, I would love to work with you - book your free consultation now.


Are You Ready To Break Free From Negative & Destructive Habits?

Lucy Rocca Life Coaching; Support That Makes a Difference

Lucy Rocca Life Coaching - What's Involved?

Book in a free half hour Skype consultation and have a chat with me about how Lucy Rocca Life Coaching could help you. Following your consultation, and if you decide to go ahead with the coaching, I recommend a series of 4 hour-long sessions - you'll need a few days in between each session for homework. 

Is Lucy Rocca Life Coaching Right For You?

I am a professional life coach specialising in helping people rediscover a sense of self-worth, establish and reach specific goals, and achieve a more peaceful headspace. My own life experiences are combined with professional training to bring you a coaching service that is empathetic, supportive, friendly and real.


“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” 
― Lao Tzu


4 options to choose from...

1. Set of four 1-hour coaching sessions via Skype, including supportive emails and homework - £200

2. Individual 1-hour coaching session via Skype including supportive emails and homework - £60

3.Set of four 1-hour coaching sessions via Skype, including supportive emails, homework and a full year's membership to soberistas.com - £225

4. Join a monthly 'real life' meet-up group in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and enjoy Coaching & Coffee with me, Lucy, and a small group of people with shared sober goals. Meetings take place on weekend mornings and last for 4 hours. For more information about this option please contact me on coaching@lucyroccalifecoaching.com (the cost of the Coaching & Coffee group is £30 per month or £80 for a bundle of three months).


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